Wednesday, January 19, 2011

4 Ways To Beat The New World Order

There are 4 ways to stop the New World Order (I am sure some of you are smart enough to come up with many other ways) for certain.

1. Everyone says no more and removes all of their money from the banks returning wealth to the hands of the people it belongs to. Default on all of our debts intentionally–home, car, credit, etc……we didn’t cause this problem; so let us not capitulate to it and pull the rug right out from under the scuzzbuzzards that created it out of thin air. If everyone simply did this, it would destroy “them” over-night. Of course, not everyone is willing to do that.

2. The U.S. military stages a coup d’ etat and removes itself from foreign soil, scuttles all military bases on foreign soil, and returns to CONUS (Continental United States) in order to set things straight by upholding their oaths. I firmly believe if the military was used for it’s purpose, we could secure the borders and stop illegal immigration within 30 days flat. Of course, this will most likely not happen (maybe it will?) because most of the newer recruits in the military are of poor quality. Before you start bitching about my comment regarding recruits, I have gone through military processing at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas and I have seen them firsthand.

3. The states claim their 10th Amendment powers, tell the Feds to get bent, and establish a state bank (public), detour around the Federal Reserve and issue it’s own currency backed by silver or gold (most likely silver), and leave the banksters with their pants down. Of course this won’t happen on a full scale if at all (except for perhaps–Oklahoma, Texas, Montana, etc.).

4. Prepare accordingly with all the commodities that can save your life for hard times ahead, never capitulate to global communism, and fight to the death remaining free when all peaceful means are no longer available.

Options 3 and 4 are the most realistic. Option 3 fails, Option 4 will be the route that is right.

Prepare accordingly. The ability to do so will wither away with our currency………

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  1. So many around me are saying they are not going to prep at all~ they just plan to Die! They have given up. No intention what so ever of even thinking about trying to survive.
    But, as times get rougher, I hear the same people fussing about not having enough food or not being able to cover all their bills.
    These are otherwise intelligent people who have chosen to be SLOW!!!
    I just don't get their mentality.